The SLI Consulting Management came together in 1987 to answer the demand for IT solutions in rise of the internet information age. We started the Philippine-based clients and eventually grew to include other clients from the Asia-Pacific Region and the United States. Through time we have been a trail blazer in innovation of I.T. training program such as TAP (Train Assist Program) that has been adopted in some of our client sites.

Who are we

We offer cost effective alternative solutions to the presistent demand for well-qualified information technology professionals. The services SLI Consulting provide range from analysis and design, programming, education and training that evolved to excellence in project management through water fall or agile managed service agreements to complete IT resource management.


To provide our valued clients a simplified IT solution that works with the right IT resource and knowledge to achieve operational excellence.


To be the first choice IT Consultancy and Resource management organization of top corporations in the Philippines and beyond.

Our Way

To support these services, we have in our pool of resources, highly skilled programmers, analysts, designers, project managers and staff that are updated and trained on the latest development in the fast changing IT industry. SLI Consulting has depth of consultant work force assigned in different business I.T. operations. And this number is distributed among some of the top corporations in the country.

What we do

SLI Consulting offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while designing high quality and scalable solutions.

Success Story

With more than 30 years of I.T. management experience and still growing. SLIC currently services more than 40 clients belonging to the top 1,000 corporation.

Core Values


as the heart of the organization


we colaborate and work together as on focused team


that makes the difference


in all undertaking

Continuous Learning

that humbles our knowledge


open to voice out their constructive thoughts on opportunities and challenges


Our Brand


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